MBTA Train Service

Commuter Rail Newburyport/Rockport lines. Bus #450 from Haymarket. Bus #459 from Logan Terminal C.
800-392-6100 |

MBTA Bus Service

Bus #450 from Haymarket, Boston
Bus #455 from Wonderland Station
Bus #456 from Central Square, Lynn
Bus #459 from Terminal C, Logan Airport
Bus #465 from Liberty Tree Mall (Best Buy), Danvers
800-392-6100 |

Salem Fast Ferry (Boston)

As one of the nation’s most historic and haunted cities, Salem in October is a must-visit. Let the Salem Fast Ferry whisk you there from Boston in under an hour.
10 Blaney St. Salem & Long Wharf, Boston | 877-733-9425 |

KT’S Transportation

Ride to/from Boston’s Logan Airport. We have reliable, friendly and competitive rates. Based in Salem, MA.
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Directions To Salem


The City of Salem Parking web site.

Long term motor coach parking is available at Fort Avenue and Salem Willows. Download the 2013 Salem Motorcoach Map & Guidelines.

Alternate Routes into Salem

Traffic to Salem is expected to be significant during the month of October, particularly on weekends. Generally, motorists travel to Salem via Route 114 East. We would strongly discourage your using this route during October weekends. Instead, you are advised to take alternate routes to Salem in order to minimize travel time.

From / To Route 90 - MassPike

To Salem: Continue on I-90/Masspike East and take Exit 25 (South Boston) and follow signs to rejoin I-90 East to Logan Airport/1A.  Follow Route 1A all the way into Salem.
From Salem: Take Route 1A South to the Ted Williams Tunnel.  From the tunnel take Exit 25 to South Boston surface streets.  Take a left on Congress Street, left on West Service Road and right onto the South Boston Bypass Road.  Take a right onto northbound Frontage Road to the I-90 West on-ramp.

From Points South

Route 1 North or Route 95 North to Route 129 South.  Follow Route 129 South to Route 107 North, and follow into Salem.
Route 128 North to Take Exit 44B to Lynn/129 East.  Enter Goodwin Circle (Rotary) and take the Salem Street/Peabody exit.  Salem Street turns into Lynnfield Street.  Lynnfield Street turns into Washington Street. At the intersection with Main Street, take a right, and follow signs to Salem.
Take Route 128 North to Exit 28 (Centennial Drive).  Follow Centennial Drive and take right on Summit Street.  Follow and take left onto Lynnfield Street.  Lynnfield Street will turn into Washington Street.  At intersection with Main Street, take a right, and follow signs to Salem.
Take Route 128 North to Exit 26.  Follow Lowell Street through Peabody Square.  Lowell Street will turn into Main Street.  Follow signs into Salem.

From Points North / Cape Ann

Take Route 128 South to Exit 24.  Follow Endicott Street to intersection with Route 35 (Water Street).  Take Route 35 South to Route 114 East.  Follow Route 114 East into Salem.
Take Route 128 South to Exit 22.  Take Route 62 East to Route 1A South.  Cross bridge, and follow Route 1A South into Salem.
Take Route 128 South to Exit 20.  Take Route 1A South, and follow into Salem.

From Points North / New Hampshire & Maine

Take I-95 South to Route 128 North. Follow directions above to either Exit 26, 24, 22, or 20 to Salem.
Take I-95 South to Route 1 South to Route 114 East. Follow Route 114 East into Salem.
Take I-93 South to I-95/Route 128 North. Follow directions above for Route 128 North.

Halloween Road Closures

The following streets will be closed to traffic at approximately 4:00 p.m. until approximately 11:30 p.m.

  • Washington St. from New Derby to Bridge St.
  • Essex St. from Barton Square to Union St.
  • Derby St. from Lafayette St. to Union St.
  • Brown St. at New Liberty St. Second backup closure at Howard St.
  • Lafayette St. from Derby St. to Front St.
  • Hawthorne Blvd. from Derby St. to Essex St.
  • Washington Sq. West from Essex to Brown St. Washington Sq. South closed. Washington Sq. North closed from Brown to Winter St.
  • Winter St. at Bridge St. closed to inbound traffic.
  • Williams St. at Bridge St.
  • Congress St. closed at South Harbor Garage. Vehicles will be detoured to Pickering Way out to Derby St. Derby St. inbound traffic detoured to Wharf St. out to Congress St.
  • Front St., Charter St., and Central St. closed to traffic.
  • Federal Street closed to traffic from St. Peters St. to North St.


The following streets will be closed to traffic from 10:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m.

  • Bridge St. will be closed to traffic between the westerly ramps and the Bypass Road.
  • Incoming Bridge St northbound traffic will be detoured up westerly ramps to North St. Bypass Road inbound traffic from Beverly will be diverted back to Bridge St. and back to Beverly. Incoming southbound traffic from Bridge St. will be diverted to the Bypass Road and back to Beverly.
  • Franklin Street may be closed to traffic if needed.
  • Other closures or openings could be decided as special circumstances arise.


No parking tow zones from 4:00 p.m. to midnight

  • Lafayette St. both sides Front St. to Derby St.
  • Public parking lot along Front St. Public parking spaces located on Central St. in front of old police station.
  • Essex St. from Barton Sq. to Hawthorne Blvd.
  • Derby St. both sides between Union St. and Lafayette St.
  • Hawthorne Blvd. both sides.
  • Front St.
  • Central St.
  • Washington St. from New Derby St. to Bridge St. both sides.
  • Washington Sq. North, South, and West both sides.
  • Norman St. from Washington to Crombie St.
  • New Derby St. between Klop Alley and Lafayette St.


No parking tow zones from 8:00 a.m. to midnight

  • Federal St. both sides from Washington St. to old Superior Court.
  • Washington Street in front of 50 Washington St. (Tabernacle Congregational Church)