Magical Self-Love for Your Moon Sign

September 30, 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Our moon sign holds the key to so many essential parts of us! Our emotions, our lineage, the things that nourish us and make us feel safest. Knowing and understanding our natal moon (by sign, house, and aspect) gives us a detailed roadmap for exquisite self-care and enhanced self-knowledge. In this workshop, you’ll learn the core needs, desires, and tendencies for your moon, how to work best with these energies, as well as a talismans, stones, oils, and magical practices ideal for you specific moon placement. We also take time to journal about and journey to our moons to hear what they have to say for themselves! Please bring a notebook and pen. Birth information collected at the time of registration.
Emily Price is The Voluptuous Witch, a queer feminist astrologer specializing in love and sex. She uses astrology as a tool for both empowerment and surrender, guiding clients toward greater self-acceptance and self-love. She is the astrologer for LA Review of Books and Love U Magazine. Find her on Instagram @thevoluptuouswitch.
Event is hosted by HausWitch and tickets ($30) may be purchased online in advance at