Paraween Celebrity-Hosted UFO Fest

October 21, 2017, All day

UFO Themed Tracks w/Movie Clips, Speakers, Vendors and Additional Paranormal Guests. Single Track Tickets and Full Day Conference Tickets Available. See website or Facebook event for more information.

Featuring: Travis Walton from Fire in the Sky, Mike Bara from Ancient Aliens, Thom Reed from Alien Mysteries, Roswell UFO Museum, Nick Redfern from Ancient Aliens, Starchild Skull, Peter Robbins, and The Witch of Sleepy-Hallow. Travis Walton and Thom Reed return this year after filming Encounter which opens in theaters this October.

Event also features free film screening of Blair Witch Legacy from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm to Paraween ticket-holders and Lionsgate will be onsite promoting Jigsaw, the latest addition to the SAW franchise.


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